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After discussing your current challenges and needs you will receive your personalized lifestyle design.

I turned to Madhavi with a list of goals to attain: knowing my strengths, better decision making, letting go of negative  thought patterns, increasing self confidence, greater courage, dealing with setbacks constructively. Her coaching helped me in every way, and enriched my life professionally and personally. Thanks to her for that!

Christopher Schwarzkopf, Project Manager, Wikimedia, Germany

I found Madhavi to be a caring and compassionate practitioner. Her insightful methodology was able to unravel previously unknown links between my symptoms and the underlying causes. Her remedies were simple yet effective, and easy to follow. I highly recommend Madavi as a very competent and skilled Ayurvedic consultant.


Sandy Pendleton, Marriage & Family Psychotherapist, USA

Madhavi helped me shake off a massive load of accumulated destructive emotions and belief systems that I had collected throughout my life. And it was surprisingly easy, quick, almost effortless and quite enjoyable! Her simple yet effective methods, coupled with her fresh approach full of fun and humour brought tangible shifts in my life, one session at a time.


Aleksandra B., HR Specialist, Poland

I reached out to Madhavi during one of the biggest changes in my life. Her expertise, experiences and ability to coach made her a wonderful person to work with. Her nurturing and supportive nature adds to the overall positive experience. I was able to find clarity and acceptance, and figure out my next steps. I highly recommend working with Madhavi!


Ritu Ashrafi, Marketing Manager, Canada

“I got to know Madhavi through one of her Corporate Tapping Programs and reached out to her for personal coaching shortly after. Together we embarked on a journey into different areas of my life that burdened me, such as worries and concerns about my childrens’ education during the pandemic. With her guidance, I was able to reflect on these, locate discomforts in the body and use tapping to let the tension go. It was very impactful and felt natural even though it was completely virtual. I felt peace of mind for a prolonged time, and even now as I write.”


Johannes, Actuary, Germany

“If you are looking for a competent coach, then you are in the right hands with Madhavi. Her experience and knowledge speak for themselves. She had an open ear throughout the coaching, was able to quickly identify my problems and blockages and provide me with several approaches to solutions suitable to my needs. I felt in good hands with Madhavi. Gladly again and again.”

Abderahmen Bouassida, Computer Scientist, Germany

Soulfood Academy offers great value in the form of tools, methods and techniques to break destructive patterns. These help you emerge into a proactive and vibrant space where you can grow freely and improve your quality of life. Madhavi is an energetic and fun professional who makes growth from within accesible and enjoyable.

Vidhya Shreenivasan, Marketing professional, India 

I attended just one session with Madhavi as I was undergoing a lot of self doubt and fear of failure. With just that one session, she identified what my setbacks are and showed me what I can change in order to let go of my fear, which resulted in a complete shift of mindset and perspective. She is clearly a passionate coach who loves supporting her clients in gaining clarity about the origin of their issue and finding uncomplicated ways to help them. One of her greatest qualities is that she actually embodies what she teaches.


Kavithanjali, MD, India

Madhavi is a great coach and counsellor in many matters. She helped me in various situations from lifestyle change recommendations to nutrition and diet issues. Her advice is always diverse, integral, encompassing traditional and non-traditional elements in a perfect way – just always on point. Madhavi has a great combination of empathetic but also analytical skills as a coach with a deep understanding of psychology, Ayurveda and nutrition science. She notices even the smallest details and is truly caring for her clients. It is always a great joy to work with her – it was my good luck having met her!


 Alina A. , PhD Environmental Research, Germany

For Companies

Holistic Corporate Wellbeing

It is part of my purpose to help leaders and employees to navigate safely through times of change, finding stability within and using challenges as opportunities to grow, not only in skills, but also as human beings. More than ever, we need to learn how to manage our emotions and alter our states of mind, so we can manage stress effectively and work from a space of inner calm. This has been proven to increase creativity, work productivity, and profits.

Find out how you can:

  • Increase your emotional resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Improve your mental and physical health through holistic lifestyle measures
  • Find your values, strengths and purpose
  • Change to a mindset that allows you to thrive
  • Cope with stress effectively and find a place of inner calm
  • Reduce strain and burnout and increase your energy as well as mental clarity


To improve your and your employees wellbeing, I offer:

  • Transformative Leadership and Employee Coaching
  • Leading from within – Female Leadership Immersions
  • Online Group Coaching on Emotional Management, Burnout, Personal Growth, Workplace Spirituality and Holistic Wellbeing
  • Interactive Talks and Presentations
  • Online Retreats 
  • Business Yoga and Meditation


Private clients

Holistic Lifestyle Design

This coaching program is designed to help you find your authentic self as well as a lifestyle that supports and nourishes you on all levels.

You’ll take away a more radiant, happy and successful version of your current self, knowing how you can live a life that is true to who you are— a life that supports you to thrive even in challenging circumstances and in an ever-changing environment. We are happy to customize and prioritize the program to your personal needs and current circumstances. Get in touch with us and start your personalized Lifestyle Design now!

Each module contains 3 sessions of 50 minutes each, and additional sessions can be booked if required.


325 € per module
(€125,00 for a single coaching session)

Module 1: Overcome your challenges

Overcome your current challenges, past trauma and beliefs that hold you back.

Key takeaways & skills:

  • Resolve key issues through emotional management techniques
  • Effective stress management
  • Personal growth through integration of life experiences

Module 2: Find your vision and purpose in life

Find your unique vision and purpose and bring them to life.

Key takeaways & skills:

  • Discover and align yourself with your vision, dharma and values
  • Set goals that bring out the best in you
  • Actionable smart steps

Module 3: Discover your type!

Discover your authentic self and honour who you are.

Key takeaways & skills:

  • Know your personality profile and type of beauty
  • How to make life choices that support who you are
  • Improved relationship management skills

Module 4: Realize you are enough

Let go of self doubt and insecurities and learn to accept and love yourself as you are.

Key takeaways & skills:

  • Analysis of key areas like self image, relationships, work, finances and related belief systems
  • Transform a challenging key area
  • Experience natural confidence and increased self-acceptance

Module 5: Consciously create your mindset

Consciously shift your mindset to experience personal growth, expansion and more ease in your life.

Key takeaways & skills:

  • Shift from a fixed to a growth mindset
  • How to embrace challenge and become a life-long learner
  • The best strategies to reach your goals

Module 6: Boost your health

Upgrade your nutrition and lifestyle based on ayurvedic principles and functional medicine to rejuvenate and experience increased wellbeing.

Key takeaways & skills:

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice that nourishes your whole being
  • Increased energy levels and mental clarity
  • Regenerative practises that keep you healthy and support you in being the best version of your current age

Module 7: Walk the tight rope and tap into your soul

Find balance and equilibrium in daily life and discover a practical approach to spirituality leading you towards transcendence.

Key takeaways & skills:

  • Smart routines to support your wellbeing despite a busy lifestyle
  • Personal alignment practise
  • Customised roadmap towards transcendence and practical spirituality

Devotional Practices

“It is important to love not as a duty but as natural as breathing.” Paramahamsa Vishwananda

What we ultimately search for in life is love. Love is the essence of our soul, and it is what we really long to experience through our human relationships. However, our typical human love is bound not only by the limitations of time, but also by the many conditions we automatically attach to it. 

Devotional practices are a way to reconnect to a pure essence of love, which enables us to get a taste of the Divine and to transform human love into real unconditional love. 

Learn how devotional singing (kirtan), chanting and meditation can become your Soulfood and transform your mood, your day, your relationships and your results.